Heritage Olive Trees
Heritage Olive Trees
We deliver distinct, old-growth olive trees with the pride and dedication that comes from a family owned operation that has lasted since 1994

Heritage Olive Trees


Our Orchards

Unparalleled Expertise

Here at the Heritage Olive Trees orchards, located in Northern California, we are dedicated to maintaining our vast orchards of mature olive trees to bring you the distinct personality of each tree we deliver. Established by the owner operator, Troy Heathcote in 1994, Heritage Olive Trees is focused on pride and dedication that can only come from a family run operation. 

We offer mature old growth olive trees aged up to 125 years old as well as many other species of trees and plants. Our trees are fertilized, watered and pruned regularly, months prior to delivery so they will look their best when they arrive to you. We deliver across the United States and also offer boxed tree options. No matter how difficult it is to get the trees to you, we are up to the challenge. In the past we have delivered trees using cranes, barges and even by helicopter.


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